Happy New Year

Happy New Year Ladies and Gentlemen!

    This post is definitely 2 weeks over due. Of course I have taken procrastination with me into the year 2016, but you know what? I will be the first to admit that I am still a work in progress.

     On a very positive note, it is a brand new year and I am very ready to jump start my New Year’s resolutions. This is an exciting time in my life because I am getting older and am finding my way quite nicely throughout my days. I must say that figuring out who I am and what exactly makes me tick is such a blessing because it hasn’t always been this way. Although I have had goals and set them for myself, I have always felt that one way or another there was something or lack thereof standing in my way. Furthermore, I never really made a conscious effort to make resolutions or start the year off fresh. What I have realized is that there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a clean slate to work with and following through with the goals you have set for yourself, or at least trying your very best to do so. In fact I highly recommend it. New Year’s resolutions are stepping stones to where you see yourself in the next 5-15 years and what better way to prepare yourself to get to where you want to be than to set short term goals for yourself?

     I consider this a huge year for me, being that this is my actual first time setting New Year’s resolutions so I sort of went a little crazy.

  1. Be smart about my spending. Ask questions such as, do I need it? Can I live with out it? Will I regret not purchasing it? And most importantly, can I afford it? There are too many times where I have drooled over and article of clothing or make-up of some some sort that did not fit into my non existent budget and took the plunge without thinking about the purchases. Then, when the time comes that I really need something, would like to do something or go somewhere, I am flat out broke with nothing but a Dooney and Burke purse filled with hopes and dreams. Do not let that be you. 
  2. Save more. Piggy backing off of my previous resolution it is imperative to set a personal goal of what I want and need and work towards it. This year I would like to go on three vacations, one being domestic and three international. I love to travel and there are many places that I would like to visit in my twenties before I decide to   settle down (although that probably will not stop me) Over the past year I have realized that it is more important to me to spend money on memories and significant needs than material wants.
  3. Go back to school. For the past 5 years of my life I have been in and out of school and battling with the ultimate decision on if if it (college) is really for me. I have always been a great student but as soon as I set foot into college, things just started to become a bit foggy. For example, questions like, Why am I here? What will the end result be? Do I really want to be here? Am I happy? What do I want out of life and will this get me there? started to populate my mind. After this long battle, I have figured out that I want so much more than where I am today and not only do I love school but it is the key to what is going to get me there. Now this is more of a personal resolution because school is not for everyone and I know this 100%. Also, I had so many obstacles and tribulations they hindered me from putting my best foot forward back then. Now I feel completely ready. Time to get that Fafsa all done because I know I don’t have time to fork out 42K annually for anything at the moment!
  4. Follow my dreams. I have been a freelance fashion stylist for years and took a brief break to re-evaluate my purpose in the industry and figure out what it is that I really want to do. I have always wanted to be a fashion designer and always felt like I lacked the resources like knowledge and experience. Over the years I have worked really hard to build relationships, network, research and this provided growth and success so far. However, it doesn’t stop there I would like to get back into styling more on the personal side of the spectrum as oppose to editorial which I have been great at. This will build my clientele in a way where I know that I will have a following base for my fashion brand in the future.
  5. Stay true to myself. During the year 2015 I have figured out a ton about myself. On the other hand, I did do a ton of second guessing and withholding information from those whom I thought would pass judgement on me. We all like to say “I don’t care what anyone thinks of me, but I won’t tell them the truth about this because it’s none of their business” volunteering information is not always the best decision but telling the truth when someone asks will always determine the respect that you have for yourself and that others have for you. In addition, if you don’t think what someone is asking is any of their concern tell them that you aren’t comfortable answering and you will feel so much better about yourself.

     I tried my very best to keep my resolutions concise and easy this year so that I can actually stay consistent with following them. I hope this helps you guys as well and will update you guys in the middle and end of the year. Talk soon!


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