Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Style Rules

As you may know my primary content is fashion. So of course getting into the swing of the holiday season I feel it is dire to throw some basic style tips out for you to take with you into the season.

1st tip: You always want to start off with a smart base for the fall/winter weather which can be a fine knit top such cashmere or merino wool, turtle neck, mock neck or a basic scarf. This will protect you from the harsh weather and won’t appear too bulky. If the weather is leaning toward the warmer side swap out the knit for a pima/satin blend. It feels amazing on the skin and has an effortless look to it.

2. Gather all of your neutral colors together regarding outerwear. The black biker jacket, the camel coat and the grey knit. We want to create a uniform look. For example, dark blue denim jean with a slight wash or solid black, off white top (preferably a camisole tank), a black blazer and fine jewelry that will compliment the hair and wardrobe and a chic pair of nude or black pumps. With the uniform concept in mind you can start to personalize your look with maybe zipper detailing on your jeans or perhaps a broach. The opportunities are endless.

3. Straight fit pant. You can never ever go wrong with this, a straight fit pant is basic enough to oppose and confirm to any trend. You can dress this up and dress it down. You can pair this with a Louboutin Iriza pump or a Vince Ennis boot. The straight fit compliments every body type, it’s smart and it’s versatile. Definitely not something you want to do without in your wardrobe.

4. Elevation. During the colder months I like to keep the foot wear at maximum coverage. I live in NYC where it is typically freezing and slippery, so my stiletto pumps hibernate in their dust bags while I bring the leathers, the patents, and the suedes out to play. In boot form of course. Check out IamJenniferLe to accessorize with personality.

5. Last but not least, keep your bag simple. Pick a neutral preferably leather and stick with it. Nothing says smart winter wardrobe better than a subdued bag that allows the rest of your look to speak for itself.



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