New Year Plan

There isn’t anything amiss with having the “new year, new me” mantra every single year as long you follow through with it. Though everyday should be a new day and technically you are a new you, there is just something about the start of the 365/364 loop that inspires you to cut out all things unwanted and be a better person for yourself.

SO, I have designed this new outlook on the new year which requires us to desist the resolution tradition and kickoff a New Year Plan. This concept is similar to frequently used Five Year Plan. People often stress themselves with new years resolutions that consist of unrealistic goals and the subconscious, far fetched idea that they will happen over night. But, By Valentines Day these resolutions are gone with the wind.

From experience, I found that if we acknowledge our goals and perform accordingly, then they would be easier to attain. My Five Year Plan includes obtaining a masters degree, landing employment, and traveling to Greece. To reach my Five Year Plan, My New Year Plan will be to take two or three summer courses (often shorter & much more rigorous, but will get you to that master’s faster), update my Linkedin (employers are likely to find candidates when their profile matches job descriptions posted), organize a financial statement (so much more effective that just saying save your money).

Now you try. Arrange a 12 month plan, then a six month plan in order to get you there by December. If you need to break it down even further to three months, then go for it! This is your plan, your life, your year! Now own it!

See you on the Next Paige.

Leave me a comment, what do you want to accomplish this year?


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