11 Essentials for a Weekend Getaway

I like to compare packing for my weekend getaways to the amount of baggage that choose to hold in my life. Exceptionally light. I keep it as simple as possible, which provides no stress and gives me the opportunity to pick up a souvenir, accessory or two. Like a sunhat to go with my pink and eggshell sundress!

Here are a few essentials that can bring wardrobe diversity to any weekend getaway. Feel free to add a sweater and tweak the list to your weather demand.

  1. LBD
  2. Black/nude pump
  3. Clutch (1 formal 1 casual)
  4. White/Black Crew Neck
  5. Straight fit slouchy blue jeans
  6. Converse
  7. Sun dress
  8. Leather sandals
  9. Yoga pant
  10. Zip hoodie
  11. Gym sneakers

My next weekend getaway will probably be Georgia, or my favorite city second to NYC, District of Columbia! I will be sure to post some gorgeous photos for you all! In the mean time leave a comment below and tell me where your next weekend getaway will be and what you plan to bring with you that I mentioned on my list!

Enjoy your weekend!


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