How to Dress for the Corporate World in Style

One of my clients who is in her first year of law school asked me to create a palette for  her, consisting of appropriately chic looks for her upcoming internships and career after law school. I went ahead and put together several looks for her

The first rule that I gave her was to stick to a uniformed look. In a law firm or corporate office, uniforms are obviously not provided so it is essentially up to you to create a wardrobe that is smart, chic, and professional. Here are some of the tips that I provided my client with to survive her first internship and come back to me with feedback.

  1. When I say move out of your comfort zone, I do not mean literally. Do not cause injury to yourself wearing pieces like corsets and 4 inch pumps if you are incapable of functioning regularly. But do wear colors and play with lines that you wouldn’t normally wear.
  2. Ask yourself, if I were going to meet my in laws would this be appropriate? If it isn’t appropriate to meet the family of your better half, then the odds are it wouldn’t be appropriate for the office. If the skirt is more than 6″ above the knee, save it for a subtle look for a night out. If the blouse has lace detailing across the breasts, save it for a night in. You want your wardrobe to make the right statement in the office.
  3. You can never go wrong with subtle monochromatic looks such as grays, ballet pinks, black, oxblood, navy, or even hunter green. Please stay away from loud colors like red, royal blue, hot pink, etc. when attacking a monochromatic look.
  4. Keep your accessories simple and at a minimum. Throw on a watch one bangle and stud earrings. Feel free to add a delicate necklace it the look calls for one.
  5. Master your uniform look first before trying to master the day to night look that is so popular amongst the corporate world because there is a fine line that is so easy to appear blurry.

In a later post I will go into further detail on the outfits when you have mastered the uniformed look and are ready to switch it up and play with more lines, color blocking and mixing prints!

Take these tips and use them toward your new journey in the corporate world and give me your feedback. What questions do you have for me?


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